New US Honda Civic tries to recapture old glory (w/ POLL)

Honda Civic

Earlier this week Honda revealed the new Civic model for the US market. The new model follows closely the template set by the concepts shown earlier this year, and marks a big shift in the design philosophy for the model. Whereas previous generations were very much made-to-cost conservative 4-door saloons, the new model looks like a more serious effort, with styling which makes it look more like a 5-door hatchback or, whisper it, a 4-door coupe. Sure, the front fenders seem to owe a lot to the previous generation Mazda6, while the fastback rear really begs for a hatchback opening (it’s only a sedan), but it all comes together rather nicely.

Honda Civic 2

Unfortunately, for all the love the new exterior is receiving (and even I have to admit I like it, even if some details are a bit overdone), the interior still lacks the cohesive design of the best brands, with some questionable binnacle graphics and a screen which clumsily sticks out from the dashboard. Still, it’s miles better than the awful previous generation…

Honda Civic 3

So, what do you think of the new Civic?

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