Look-a-like: Mazda CX-5 and…

Mazda CX-5

You ever look at a good-looking car for the 100th time and then it hits you just how much one aspect of its design reminds you of another car? Not necessarily a big thing, but one small detail that has you wondering “huh, I wonder if they really came up with this on their own or whether, maybe subconsciously, they were influenced by that other car”. Well, I had one such moment with the Mazda CX-5, one of my favorite compact SUVs, when I looked at its headlamp and fenders and realized just how much they look like those on the…

Infiniti QX60, née JX35. Sure, pretty much everything about the two designs is different, as is the segment in which they compete in, but there is no escaping that you could stick the headlamps from the Infiniti into the Mazda and hardly anyone would notice. But hey, I know which of the two designs I prefer!

Infiniti QX60

  1. Except for the chrome strip inside the Mazda headlight, which extends the grille a bit further. Which you’ve “conveniently” hidden by posting a not-so-sharp picture (-;

    I guess Infiniti is making Mazda pay back by using some design elements of the Mazda3 in their Q30.

    1. Touche – the CX-5’s headlights have slightly sharper graphics, with the aforementioned chrome strip, but you have to admit the shape is pretty much identical

  2. Sharp eye! Sadly it’s very common. The rear lights of the A4 Avant are 100% Opel Insignia.

    As for this duo, I think the CX-5 is the most anonymous looking Mazda at this moment whereas the QX60 is the most beautiful Infiniti SUV. Lexus should look at Infiniti how to use a large grille appropriately.

    1. @Losange – I agree that the CX-5 is no longer the sharpest-looking Mazda, but that’s more testimony to how well Mazda’s design language has evolved on production cars, rather than the CX-5’s fault. That said, I’m not really floored by the new CX-9 – a bit too straight-laced for my liking. What I’m really looking forward to is the production version of the Koeru concept, which promises to look very dynamic and make even the Macan look stodgy

  3. @Krzysztof

    True, Mazda doesn’t stop developing their design, but still the CX-5 looks very dull compared to the CX-3, 3 and 6. Even the older CX-7, which can be considered as its predecessor, was more distinctive. I agree with you about the CX-9. The details are great, but as a whole it looks very plain.

    By the way, it’s not so difficult to make the Macan look stodgy, because although the name stands for ‘tiger’, this Porsche lacks the expression of an SUV. I don’t like the soft design of Porsche.

  4. I guess the same can be said about the Mazda MAZDA6 and the INFINITI Q50!
    I wonder which one is copying the other?!

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