In real life: 007’s Aston Martin DB10

Aston_Martin_DB10-James_Bond_007-Spectre-right-front-lowJames Bond’s latest episode Spectre is currently breaking all box office records, and besides Daniel Craig and Bond-girls Monica Bellucci and Léa Seydoux, one of the stars of the movie is the specially developed Aston Martin DB10. The factory has produced only 10 of these Special Editions, of which 7 have been destroyed during the making of the movie. Of the 3 surviving models, one is making a promotional Tour of Europe, and I got to see it in real life when it visited on of the Aston Martin dealerships in The Netherlands. Check out the photo gallery below:

Aston Martin has been a part of the 007 movie franchise since the beginning, with only a short interruption in the Pierce Brosnan era. One of the most legendary models from the Bond movies, and almost certainly a top-10 player in the most famous movie cars ever is the DB5 with plate number BMT 216A, the car which has causes collector values of the DB5 to skyrocket. Aston Martin has tried to duplicate that success by designing and developing a model specifically for the latest screenplay Spectre.


Besides the DB10, the classic DB5 also makes an appearance in Spectre, despite already being destroyed in the previous movie, Skyfall. The other formerly British brands Jaguar and Land Rover play minor roles with the CX-75 concept and the F-type, the Discovery Sport, Defender pickup and a number of Range Rovers. The Germans get some screentime with the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, SLS and S-Class Maybach, while BMW delivered a 7-series at the studios. And of course the Fiat 500 plays a minor role, to make the total value for automotive “actors” in the movie a whopping 32 million euros, which is less than Heineken paid to have their beer make a cameo appearance.

So is the DB10 a premonition of future Aston Martins? Unlikely. It’s just a new shape, designed specifically for the purpose of the movie, built on an existing chassis. There might be a few minor details in the DB10 that hint at future models, but I think they want to save the good stuff for one of the next auto shows. To get an idea of the direction in which Aston Martin is heading with their upcoming DB11, take a look at the DBX showcar from Geneva last March. I do like the drilled hole in the hood, though.


If you want to see the DB10 in real life yourself, the car will travel around Europe until halfway through December, stopping in another 10 cities along the way. You can find the tour schedule in the lasted picture of the gallery.