Frankfurt report: Part II

Following up on the first impressions from Frankfurt (which focused on VAG’s offerings) here is Part II:

Mercedes-Benz “Concept IAA”

Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA – Mercedes’ typical “out there” concept with a striking front that includes a light-up grille, super-slick silhouette and an extending, well, ass that all contribute to super-low 0.19 drag coefficient. Possible elements of the design will make it onto the next CLS, but I really hope they scale down the grille!

Verdict: Hit

Hyundai Vision G Coupe Concept

Hyundai Vision G Coupe concept – Hyundai’s latest effort to make a truly upscale car, this one is surpringly nice. Sure, the design owes a bit too much to Infiniti (swoopiness of the design, those vents behind the front wheels) and Cadillac (rear 3/4s), but if they could replicate 50% of this in production form it would be a big step in the right direction.

Verdict: HIT

Nissan Grips concept

Nissan Gripz concept – The much talked-about crossover “Z car”, the Gripz looks like a car version of those super-shiny sports sneakers worn by basketball players. Would you want to drive one, though? If anything, this feels like a step back from the Juke…

Verdict: Miss

Mazda Koeru Concept

Mazda Koeru concept – the car many be little more than a sexed-up preview of the incoming CX-9, but in the process the design manages to look more cohesive and sporty than the overly blocky Audi Quattro concept.

Verdict: HIT

Toyota Concept HHR

Toyota C-HR concept – another over-designed preview of Toyota’s incoming Juke-fighter, the C-HR does not look half bad in a crazy sort of way, but we already know that if we tone down such a design for production the end result will be pretty dire; just look at what happened to the GT-86…

Verdict: MISS


Infiniti Q30 – the production version of the Q30 ends up being surprisingly close to the concept, which is for the most part a great thing. With a decent interior, this is the car that might finally help Infiniti crack the European nut.

Verdict: Hit

Renault Megane

Renault Megane – Renault’s attempt to carry the spark of the Clio Mk IV into the compact class ends up being a bit like Fiat’s similar efforts with the Bravo/Brava in the 90s – classier than the Clio (Punto) for sure, but not quite classy enough to challenge the Golf, with a rather boring profile and contrived lights. Not sure this is what the market wants, but we’ll see…

Verdict: Miss

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