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Carsalesbase-viewsAs you may or may not have noticed, the logo has been removed off the top of our website for a few weeks, as we had been informed it violated a registered trademark. When I started this blog just over 3 years ago, I simply hadn’t thought about any trademark issues because I could not imagine would take off like this. I just came up with a car-related name and decided to stick with it. Now, 3 years later we’ve accumulated a total of 3 million visits, of which the last million came from just the last 6,5 months. And you come from every country in the world. We like to thank each of you for your visits, comments, likes and shares, they’ve all been a great help to growing our reach.

After asking for your help in coming up with a new name, we were overwhelmed by replies, e-mails and Facebook messages, all with creative suggestions and all usable, because it helped us on the right track to find a suitable new name: The name refers to our database with car sales data of over 2.200 models in 3 continents, and it also refers to this site as your base for all your interests in automotive industry data, strategy and opinion articles. We hope you like our new name and keep visiting.

Now let’s get to some general notices:

What do you need to do now that we’ve changed our name and our domain?

  • Update your bookmarks, favorites and saved links of to That’s all. For now, they’ll be automatically linked to the corresponding page on the new domain, but that may not be forever, so please make sure you’ll be able to find us again.
  • If you’ve subscribed to our mailinglist (if not, fill in you name and e-mail address in the fields on the right-hand sidebar), the e-mail address that sends the updates with new articles 3x a week will change to [email protected] Make sure mark this address as “safe” to not miss any updates that may end up in your spam-folder otherwise.

What doesn’t change with the new name?

  • If you already followed Left-Lane on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll automatically continue to follow Carsalesbase.
  • We’ll keep adding monthtly updates to our database of car sales figures in Europe, the United States and China, and keep writing analyses about these markets, together with our other articles about the automotive industry, Kriss’ Look-a-Like columns and more.

What else can you do to help us continue to grow?

  • Carsalesbase-twitter

    First of all, let us know what we can do to improve your experience here: what are you hoping to find here, what functionality can we improve, how can we make sure you’ll find what you’re looking for?

  • As mentioned, you can join our mailing list to get all the new articles in your mailbox and you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Share links to our pages or articles on other websites and forums or on social media to let your online friends know about us.
  • Join our team by posting automotive articles, either as a guest writer or as a regular correspondent.
  • If you work at a company that needs automotive sales data, not necessarily limited to the data we post on our site but any data, get in touch on [email protected] to find out what we can do for you.

What else can you expect from us, going forward?

  • We’ve been working on an update of the look and feel of the site for a while now, and this will come in a few months time. We decided it could be a bit too confusing to change our name AND our design at the same time.
  • We’re also working on growing our database by adding more car sales data. As promised, we want to be your base for all your needs in this field
  • We’re also working on a new functionality to make it easier for you to compare the sales statistics of different models.

So welcome to, we hope you’ll continue to enjoy our work and keep coming back for more. Let us know what you think, it’s always good to hear your opinion!

Bart & Kriss


  1. Hi, bart I am a car enthousiast and will be happy to post italian car sales review if it is of interrest typically on Alfa revival and Maserati development.

    Your free database is so usefull for me as I love figures, the only thing I would love is to be able to have the detailed statistic of the main european market (Germany, UK, France, Italy, …) or even all markets !

    On your table a year to,date figure for the current year would also be of use for me !

    Keep going, i follow you as much as I can u

  2. Hi, Bart. Wish you a lot of success with new name.
    It would be useful in monthly car sales reviews to have, within the year to date table, besides current YTD position to present jump/fall from the YTD position in previuos month.

    1. Hi Ivan,

      good point. I’ll consider it. I was a bit reserved about adding extra colums as it won’t improve the readability of the tables and may make them to wide for certain screens (pe on smartphones), but I agree that this would make a useful addition. Thanks!

  3. Congratulations, 😉

    I think as Arnaud Campion, that publishing sales by countries could be a very good idea.

    1. Hi Arnaud and Xavi,

      thanks for your input. The reason for not having added individual countries is simply time limitations. It takes some time to find reliable and first-hand sources of those data for each country, as I can mostly find just top-25 or top-50 rankings, which is not enough to build a database with sales of all models every month. And writing an analysis of each of those countries every month takes a lot of time as well. That’s also why other site require a subscription to access all the data and analyses. I want to keep our data accessible for free to everyone, but that means I won’t be able to spend all of my time in the site.
      I might have the time to keep up the databases of the most important markets, but I thought the added value would be limited without a thorough analysis as we do for Europe, China and the US.

  4. Hi, Bart
    Nice selection. Hope all the best.
    I notice a problem. When typing “” it goes to
    which shows a page error 404 and links to several pages (alphabetically all the models).

    1. Hi Stemi, thanks for pointing out that issue.
      The strange thing is that I don’t get it myself, the site works perfectly on both my computer and tablet.
      Since you managed to enter this comment on this post, does that mean it only does this on the homepage? And does it happen again after you’ve cleared your browser cache?

  5. Hi Bart,

    I’ve been reading you for a while now, congrats for what you’ve achieved.
    Concerning your new name, it’s really descriptive so great to know instantly what we’re speaking about.
    But don’t you fear the competition with Best-Selling car blog more than ever now?

    The only issue I’ve got with your new name is that it will put aside all your great market analysis to focus mainly on pure data.

    Anyway, congrats again!

    1. Hi d3ns,
      good point about that competition, and also one of the reasons why I think there’s not much point in writing monthly analyses of individual countries within Europe, since that’s already being done. Building up a database would set us apart, but as I said before: without monthly analyses to draw attention to the database, I’m not sure there’s much to win from it.
      And about your comment on the name: we’ve had the same doubt, but other options we considered were even more limiting, so in the end this was our best choice. Thanks for letting us know you appreciate our analysis!

  6. Hi Bart! Wish you luck with new name. I like it 🙂

    What are would love to see, are the stats of sports versions of cars. What are the same of Focus ST, Clio RS, Opel OPC? I have never seen such stats. This would be extra! Do you have such data?

    1. Hi ToJa,
      I’d love to get my hands on this data as well, but unfortunately I can’t find that anywhere.

      1. To bad… I’ve been looking for such data since years. The only thing I read is that Ford holds about 45% of the market, VW 25%, Renault 25% the rest almost do not exist. But who knows.

  7. I am not sure if this is actual issue, but the last e-mail I have received from you is from 11 December which is strange considering how many new articles you have since then (no e-mail in my spam folder). I have just resubscribed in case there was an issue.

    1. Hi Kiril,
      thanks for pointing that out! The newsletter had indeed not been restarted after it was updated to our new name. You should’ve received the latest newsletter last night.

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