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Suzuki is the first Japanese brand to have pulled out of the US market since Daihatsu did so in the early 1990s. It shut down its US operations in 2014 after its sales collapsed from over 100,000 in 2006 to below 24,000 in 2010. Other than the financial crisis, a key contributor to the collapse was the aging line-up including the Grand Vitara, Verona, Aerio and Reno. Suzuki responded by bringing in an awkward booted version of the SX4 crossover from Europe, a badge-engineered XL-7 crossover from GM and Equator pickup from Nissan. It also bet its US fortunes heavily on a brand new midsize sedan, the Kizashi, whose spectacular failure was probably the final straw for Suzuki’s US operations.

What’s baffling about Suzuki is that it failed to ride the SUV craze in the 2000s despite being arguably the Japanese brand with most expertise in the area, having been making the Samurai, Vitara and Grand Vitara for a long time before then. Instead, it was Honda and Toyota that first took the lead in the compact crossover segment, and then Subaru became the go-to Japanese 4×4 brand. And whoever thought that a too-small-f0r-the-US Kizashi was a good idea?

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