Suzuki_Forenza-US-car-sales-statisticsAnnual sales figures for the Suzuki Reno / Forenza in the US.

The Suzuki Reno and Forenza were rebadged Daewoo products marketed under the Suzuki brand after Daewoo pulled out of the US car market in 2002, together with the Suzuki Verona/Daewoo Evanda. This helped Suzuki to quickly and cheaply broaden their US line-up with compact and mid-sized cars, but the low quality and reliability of the South-Korean products ended up hurting the image of the Suzuki brand in North America, and was one of the reasons for the brand’s pullback from the market.
These statistics include sales data of the Suzuki Forenza sedan and station wagon and of the Reno hatchback.

Forenza / Reno
2011 1
2010 12
2009 3.769
2008 20.796
2007 42.113
2006 48.579
2005 41.394
2004 24.796
2003 633

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