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Saturn was General Motors “new age” brand, positioned slightly below the mainstream Chevrolet cars. The brand was started in mid-1980s as a non-GM brand within GM to fight the super-successful Japanese brands, with its own plant, manufacturing and dealer network. While the original S-series model with considerable success, it was actually not such a great car and over 40% of the sales were estimated to be cannibalizing other GM products.

In the 2000s Saturn went more mainstream, especially after the S-series replacement, the Ion, was a bit of a flop. First, GM brought in badge-engineered cars from its other US brands, then it brought in the Opel Astra from Europe. Just like with Pontiac, though, when the financial crisis hit Saturn was deemed too close to Chevrolet’s existing offerings for the General to consider the brand long-term viable. Production ended in 2009, and the dealerships were all closed by the end of 2010.

Sales figures for the S-Series, Ion, Astra, L-seriesAura, Sky, Vue, Relay, Outlook, General Motors EV1.

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