US sales Q3 2017: Minivan segment

Toyota Sienna reclaims second spot as the segment’s double-digit sales decline continues

US-sales-minivan-segment-2016-Honda_Odyssey-Toyota_Sienna-Kia_Sedona-Nissan_Quest-Dodge_Grand_CaravanThe US Minivan segment continued its steady double-digit sales decline in the third quarter of 2017, losing 13% of sales in Q3 and ending the period on 382,294 sales YTD. Interestingly, that puts it ahead of the subcompact segment so far this year, and if it finishes ahead it’ll be the first time since 2010 that the minivan segment was ahead. Still, despite the momentum of the new Chrysler Pacifica, the segment is a long way from its hay day, when over 1 million cars were sold each year.

Highlights for Q3 2017:

Chrysler Pacifica
  • The ancient Dodge Grand Caravan remains the segment leader, and in fact is one of the only two models whose sales are up so far this year (7% YTD)
  • Behind there is a hearty scrap for second, with the aging Toyota Sienna reclaiming second spot from Chrysler Pacifica, after the newer model leaped over it in the second quarter – it’ll be interesting to see which one finishes the year on top
  • Honda Odyssey fell back from the Top 3 this year as sales of the new model began in Q3, with the 10% decline in Q3 sales suggesting it’s taking its time for sales of the model to pick up
  • Still, the sales decline esperienced by the Odyssey so far this year is nothing compared to that of the Kia Sedona and Nissan Quest, both of which lost around half of its sales compared to last year

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