US sales Q3 2017: Large SUV segment

Sales of the new Nissan Armada soar as those of other models shrink

US SUV Large

Growth in the Large SUV segment in the US went into full reverse in the third quarter – after growing by 26% in the first quarter and marginally shrinking in the second, sales fell by 11% in the latest quarter. While YTD growth remains positive at 2.5%, the total number of cars sold over the first three quarters of the year remained below quarter million at 239,815, making this the smallest from among non-luxury SUV segments. The all-new Nissan Armada is now the only model whose sales have been growing all year long, though this may change as it is about to be joined by an all-new Ford Expedition in the showrooms this fall.

Highlights for Q3 2017:

Nissan Armada
  • While General Motors models remains dominant in the segment, they have all seen their sales fall over the course of the year so far, with sales of the Chevy twins Tahoe and Suburban falling only by 1%, while the GMC twins Yukon and Yukon XL saw their sales drop by a more substantial 10% and 6%, respectively
  • Sales of the Ford Expedition collapsed in the third quarter (they were down 48% on Q3’16), suggesting the turnover to the new model is going less-than-smoothly for Ford – an experience not unlike the one it had with the F-series pickup
  • Sales of the all-new Nissan Armada are not simply the only ones that have increased compared to last year, they have actually more than tripled compared to this time last year, allowing it to overtake the Yukon XL in YTD sales – clearly the decision to base the model on the international Nissan Patrol rather than the new Titan pickup truck was the right one
  • In fact, the popularity of the new Nissan is such that it put it outsold the models from its arch-rival Toyota, the aging Sequoia and the recently updated Land Cruiser, more than two-fold

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