US sales 2016 Q1-Q3 Premium Compact SUV segment

US premium compact SUV 2

Sales in the Premium Compact SUV segment in the US rose by 11 percent in the third quarter of 2016, slightly slower than in either of the previous two quarters, bringing the YTD growth rate down to 18 percent. This was nonetheless enough to keep the segment ahead of either the Premium Mid-sized SUV and Premium Large SUV segments.

Highlights for Q1-Q3 2016

Infiniti QX30

  • The new BMW X1 finally took the crown of the segment leader away from Mercedes-Benz GLA, as sales of the older model (down 28 percent in Q3) have clearly been affected by the X1
  • Remarkably, the even-older Audi Q3 seems not just to unaffected by the BMW, but its sales have actually been rising quickly for the past two quarters, gaining a remarkable 71 percent in Q3
  • Infiniti QX30 made its market debut in September, so it’s too early to remark on its potential in the segment, though we’ll get a better picture by the year’s end

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