US sales 2016 Q1-Q3 Premium Compact segment

US premium compactSales in the Premium Compact segment fell by a substantial 12 percent in the third quarter of 2016, a considerable deterioration in fortune compared to the first quarter of the year, when the segment grew by 2 percent. Still, the performance over the course of the first three quarters combined (4 percent fall in sales to 68,954 units) was better than than in either the Premium Mid-sized or Premium Large segments (fall in sales of more than 10 percent for both), and worse than only the Premium Limousine (3 percent rise in sales).

Highlights for Q1-Q3 2016

BMW 2-series
  • Sales for the top two models in the segment, Audi A3 and Mercedes-Benz CLA, continued shrinking (by 8 and 16 percent, respectively
  • BMW 2-series reasserted its position as the third model in the segment by yet again besting the Acura ILX in sales terms, with the latter losing a full 33 percent in sales compared to Q3 2015
  • Still, Acura’s performance is not nearly as bad as that of Lexus CT, which lost almost 40 percent of sales compared to this time last year (when it would have placed third, ahead of the 2-series and ILX)

Note: “AP” designates models that are classified in the Alternative Power segment, presented here for comparison, but excluded from segment total figures.Clicking on the model name opens the sales data page for that model; clicking year in the legend turns the display for that year on/off