US sales 2015 Q1-Q3 Premium Limousine segment




The Premium Limousine segment continued shrinking in the third quarter of 2015, with only two cars having registered positive sales growth since the beginning of the year: the BMW 7-series and Kia’s K900.

Kia_K900-US-car-sales-statisticsHowever, even these two cars experienced a widely different last quarter. Sales of the 7-series were down 27% in Q3 2015, relative to the same period last year, presumably as the market awaits the new part-carbonfiber, self-parking model. Sales of the K900, meanwhile, were up by a staggering 312%, reflecting mostly that the new model has now gotten fully up-to-speed following its market debut in 2014. As a result the big Kia to jump ahead of its cousin, the Hyundai Equus, though that should not come as a huge surprise as that model’s replacement, the Genesis G90, is right around the corner. What is more impressive is that in just Q3 the K900 outsold not just the Jaguar XJ, but even the 7-series!

2015 Q1Q3 Premium Limousine
Total sales for 2015 Q1-Q3; growth rates reported relative to 2014 Q1-Q3