US sales 2015 Q1-Q3 Mid-sized SUV segment

SUV mid-sized

The Mid-sized SUV segment grew by 9% compared to the Q1-Q3 period in 2014, faster than the car market overall (5% growth).


  • Ford Explorer remains the market leader by a wider margin, with sales up by 29% in Q3
  • The new Honda Pilot is off to a slow start, only gaining 2% in sales
  • Hyundai Sante Fe overtook its cousin, Kia Sorrento, in the 3rd quarter, even though it’s been around since 2012, while the Kia came out this year
  • Worryingly for Dodge, its Durango remains in the red for the year, with no new model in sight
  • Ford Flex is the only other model that remains on sale to have lost sales compare to the Q1-Q3 2014, though in this case this is because the new model is around the corner

2015 Q1Q3 Mid-sized SUV