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Pontiac was General Motors “sporty” brand, positioned slightly above the mainstream Chevrolet cars, to the side of the comfortable Oldsmobile models, and below the aspirational Buick and luxury Cadillac brand. Established in 1926, the company produced many classics over the decades, such as the Bonneville, GTO or Firebird, but as many american brands slid into badge-engineering hell in the 1980s and 1990s, falling low enough to produce a badge-engineered minivan.

Realizing the horrible state it had brought Pontiac to, GM attempted to give the brand back some of its mojo by introducing some unique models. Unfortunately, their efforts ranged from the sexy but flawed (Solstice), good but unsexy (GTO revival, G8) all the way to dismal (Aztec). In the end, when push came to shove during the financial crisis GM realized that Pontiac was not sporty enough to truly distance itself from the mainstream Chevrolet brand (kind of like Seat is to VW today), and so the brand was discontinued in 2009.

Find sales figures for the Pontiac G3, Vibe, Sunfire, G5, Grand Am, G6, Grand Prix, Bonneville, G8, GTO, Firebird, Solstice, Montana, Aztek, Torrent, LeMans.

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