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The Plymouth brand was discontinued in 2001, and its models during that time were rebranded as Chrysler or Dodge. Plymouth had been marketed as the low budget alternative in the stable of Chrysler (later DaimlerChrysler), and was aimed directly at rivals Chevrolet and Ford, both of which were much bigger in terms of sales.

Plymouth was the automaker’s highest volume brand until the late 1990s, before its demise, but it had no stand-alone models and only sold rebadged versions of either Dodge or Chrysler models, and therefore had lost its identity. The Prowler, its last stand-alone model was a low-volume sports car that was later rebranded as a Chrysler as well. The PT Cruiser had been developed as a model exclusive to Plymouth but by the time it hit the market, the brand was already in decline and the model was launched under the Chrysler brand.

In the final years of the brand, the Plymouth Voyager was its best selling model in the United States, but since 1996 it sold less than half the annual volume of its sibling model Dodge Grand Caravan.

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