US car sales analysis 2022 Q1-Q3 – Minivans

The minivan segment in the US is shrinking by double the overall market decline at -26% in the first three quarters of 2022, with the overall market down 13%. At just under 173,000 deliveries, minivans now account for 1.7% of the US car market, down from 2% in the first three quarters of 2021. The class was down 27% in a stable overall market in Q3.

The Chrysler Pacifica is firmly back on top of the segment in 2022 after being outsold by the Toyota Sienna last year. In fact, the Pacifica is the only nameplate to improve on last year, up 46% in Q3 and +28% year-to-date. These figures include deliveries of the Voyager, the fleet-only base version of the same model. Chrysler now holds a 44% share of the minivan class. All other nameplates are down by at least 36% in Q3 and by at least 23% for the year so far. Second-best performer in both instances is the Kia Carnival, the replacement to the Sedona, although it remains in a distant fourth place of the class with less than 10% share. The Honda Odyssey is the worst perfomer, losing more than half of its sales volume of last year and 10 percentage points of share. Last year’s best seller Toyota Sienna is down 40% and loses almost 7% of share.

The Dodge Grand Caravan has reached the end of its life cycle with just 5 deliveries in the third quarter, more than a year after production ended.

US minivan sales 2022 Q1-Q3

Minivan segment 2022 Q1-Q3 2021 Q1-Q3 Change 2022 Share 2022-Q3 Change
1 Chrysler Pacifica 75.902 59.502 28% 44,0% 17.439 46%
2 Toyota Sienna 49.658 83.447 -40% 28,8% 15.249 -41%
3 Honda Odyssey 30.992 67.441 -54% 18,0% 10.283 -48%
4 Kia Carnival/Sedona 16.060 20.898 -23% 9,3% 5.822 -36%
5 Dodge Grand Caravan 26 2.956 -99% 0,0% 5 -94%
Segment total 172.638 234.244 -26% 48.798 -27%

Source: Manufacturers.