MG U.S Sales Figures

MG U.S Sales Figures

Data & Charts for Total MG Brand Sales in the United States

MG Sales Data & Trends for the U.S Automotive Market

The combination of MG and United States is best known for ruining the design of the MGB because of Federal regulations. In 1974 the classic chrome grille of the MGB was replaced by a black rubber front, in possibly one of the most criticized makeovers in history. Also, to accommodate the regulations of a minimum headlight height, MG decided to simply increase the suspension of the MGB by one inch, which naturally had a devastating effect on the little sports car’s handling.

Considering most of MG’s production was exported to the US, the bumpers are understandable, but it took them two years to adjust the suspension geometry to account for the heavier bumpers and the higher ride height. In the fall of 1980 the MG factory was closed and the brand was reduced to a sporty badge on Austin Rover cars for the European market. Exports to the US ended at the same time.

Annual Vehicle Sales

Annual Vehicle Sales Chart

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