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Mercury was Ford Motor Company’s “middle brand”, slotted between the mass-market Ford and luxury Lincoln. Launched in 1938, its cars were always closely related to their Ford cousins, but the extent of badge-engineering reached an apogee in the 2000s when the company ceased to offer any vehicles that were in any way original; in the end, the brand was phased out in 2011 to allow Ford Motor Company to focus on rebuilding after the financial crisis.

Although the vast majority of Mercury’s, by sales, were little more than upscale versions of Ford cars, over the years the brand actually managed to offer distinctive cars that had no equivalents within the Ford Motor Company’s US offerings. Most of these cars were imported from Ford’s European (Capri in the 1970s, Sierra and Scorpio in the 1980s, Cougar in the 1990s) or Australian (Capri) arms, or from other brands (Villager, a Nissan Quest in drag). Unfortunately, none of them were big hits with the customers, ultimately contributing to the brand being discontinued as it struggled to demonstrate it still had a USP it could offer to the consumers.

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