Isuzu_Rodeo_Sport-US-car-sales-statisticsAnnual sales figures for the Isuzu Rodeo Sport / Amigo in the US.

These statistics include sales of the Isuzu Rodeo Sport only, sales figures of the five-door Isuzu Rodeo are published separately.
The three-door Rodeo Sport was named Isuzu Amigo for the 1989-1994 generation, and from the introduction of the second generation in 1998 till 2000, when it was renamed Rodeo Sport to reflect its family resemblance to the five-door Isuzu Rodeo.

Rodeo Sport
2005 7
2004 130
2003 1.739
2002 3.745
2001 4.990
2000 9.244
1999 8.298
1998 7.088
1997 0

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Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC