Hyundai_Genesis_sedan-2013US-car-sales-statisticsMonthly and annual sales figures for the Hyundai Genesis sedan in the US.

These statistics only include sales data of the Hyundai Genesis sedan in the US. We also publish combined sales figures of the Genesis sedan and Genesis Coupe.
The Hyundai Genesis sedan was renamed Genesis G80 in 2016 when the brand was spun off to become Hyundai’s stand-alone luxury brand. The Hyundai Genesis Coupe remained under the Hyundai brand, its sales are also published separately.
See how Hyundai Genesis sedan sales compare to the other models in the US Premium Large car segment. Also find Hyundai Genesis sales figures in Europe.

Genesis sedan
Genesis sedan
January 1.559 39
February 2.532 24
March 3.197 15
April 2.724
May 2.495
June 1.985
July 1.676
August 913
September 471
October 276
November 195
December 77

Genesis sedan
2017 79
2016 18.023
2015 24.917
2014 19.133
2013 19.804
2012 22.687
2011 18.850
2010 16.448
2009 13.604
2008 6.167

Previous generation 2008-2013:

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Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC