Honda_Clarity_FCV-US-car-sales-statisticsMonthly and annual sales figures for the Honda Clarity in the US.

These statistics include sales of all 3 versions of the Clarity: hydrogen fuel cell, battery electric and plug-in hybrid.

Honda has leased two generations of its FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle to governments and eventually also to retail customers. They were intended as trial cars for the hydrogen fuel cell technology in the same way the General Motors EV1 was for electric cars in the 1990s. They weren’t intended for sale and only in very limited numbers to test how the technology would work in daily driving situations and how the users would experience the technology.

In December 2016 Honda launched the all-new Clarity FCV (pictured above), which is intended for retail sales and higher volumes. It’s the second mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for sale in California, after the Toyota Mirai, but has a longer range of 366 miles (589 km). In 2017 the Clarity BEV (pictured below) was launched, the second version of the Clarity to go on sale in the US. Honda claims that the aim for the Clarity BEV was to offer a practical range for the average commuter at an affordable price. The result of this philosophy is an 89-mile range at a time when the Chevrolet Bolt EV offers a 238-mile range at a similar price. And with a limited hydrogen fuel station infrastructure, the PHEV plug-in hybrid version that will follow in 2018 may end up being the most interesting of the three versions.

See how Honda Clarity sales compare to the other models in the US Alternative Power segment.

January 42 853 1.271 475
February 27 1.234 1.281 559
March 23 1.230 1.416 221
April 34 1.212 1.079 90
May 119 1.706 906 248
June 49 1.575 1.092 187
July 116 1.615 852 213
August 56 1.689 914
September 66 2.200 548
October 34 2.100 635
November 464 1.903 855
December 8 1.425 2.857 805

2019 11.654
2018 20.174
2017 2.455
2016 8


Honda Clarity BEV:


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Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC


  1. The November, 2017 Honda Clarity FCV count on this page of 464 does not look correct as they cannot make that many fuel cell vehicles. That number may include Clarity-Electric and Clarity-Hybrid vehicles.

  2. Hi…
    Is there a way where you can separate the three? For those of us interested in Fuel Cell vehicles, knowing the count just for the FCV model would be helpful.

    I just noticed that the webpage “Title” includes all three models, but in the content of the page it says Clarity FCV. Also the linkage says
    Home » US Car Sales Data » Honda » Honda Clarity FCV


  3. You need to find out how many FCV, PHEV and BEV versions are sold. A total figure is not very informative.

  4. Hello Bart,

    As other people suggested, it would be highly appreciated if you were able to split Clarity BEV / PHEV & FCV

    But I guess these data aren’t easy to find, right ?



    1. I don’t think you can buy the FCEV or BEV versions; those are lease-only. The PHEV is the only one that’s actually for sale.

  5. I am looking to buy a car and was considering either the 2019 or 2020 Clarity Hybrid. I am concerned about why I have NEVER seen one on the road (in Cleveland Ohio). is there any issue that I dont already know?

  6. If Honda doesn’t market the rest of the us, it only makes since that sales will decrease. I own a 2018 clarity touring model and am very pleased with the performance and comfort

  7. WE live in Southern California near the Pacific Ocean. Mild climate, never snows! We leased our Honda Clarity PHEV December 6th, 2018. We have driven very conservatively during our use racking up 15,354 miles. We charge up after most driving around town in our garage with a household 120V charger. We have never recharged below 65 miles MPGe. Our 7 gallon gas tank is rarely used. On long trips (Los Alamitos to Las Vegas) rendered 7 gallons of gas for a round trip of around 500 miles. WE charged u in Las Vegas free at a charge station north of town near the outlets (in case you were interested in where there is free charging in Las Vegas). Headed home at 70 MPH on ACC. When we arrived home we had 173 miles left to drive around town for our errands, etc.
    I have owned or leased 8 Honda vehicles: three of which were Hybrids however, this is our first PHEV. An excellent ride, very comfortable, with some luxury features included in the basic model.
    Would love to try a FCV as there are ample Hydrogen stations in Southern and Northern Ca. THe big secret to extended MPGe range is “Leave Early and Enjoy the Ride.” Don’t be in a hurry or you will loose the reason you bought or leased the car. That translates to loosing $$$$.

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