Genesis U.S Sales Figures

Genesis U.S Sales Figures

Data & Charts for Total Genesis Brand Sales in the United States

Genesis Sales Data & Trends for the U.S Automotive Market

Genesis is the premium brand of Hyundai, like Lexus is to Toyota and Infiniti to Nissan. The brand was spun off from Hyundai in August 2016 to become a stand-alone brand with the Genesis G80 sedan as its first model.

The G80 had initially been sold in the US as the Hyundai Genesis. The Hyundai Equus limousine was then renamed Genesis G90 in 2016 as well, before a few newly developed crossovers will be launched under the luxury brand in coming years. A midsized sedan called G70 was launched in 2018.

All Genesis models are produced in South-Korea, and there are no concrete plans yet to start North American production. Also find sales figures for the Genesis G70, G80, G90 and any other car model sold in the US since the early 2000’s.

Monthly Vehicle Sales

Annual Vehicle Sales

Annual Vehicle Sales Chart

Market Share Chart

Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC

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