Ford_Ranger-US-car-sales-statisticsAnnual sales figures for the Ford Ranger in the US.

See how Ford Ranger sales compare to the other models in the US Small pickup segment. Also find Ford Ranger European sales figures and Ford Ranger sales figures in China.

January 2.153
February 2.899
March 4.369 20.980
April 5.748
May 7.748
June 7.384 25.008
September 26.211
December 33.059

2019 89.571
2012 19.366
2011 70.832
2010 55.364
2009 55.600
2008 65.872
2007 72.711
2006 92.420
2005 120.958
2004 156.322
2003 209.117
2002 226.094
2001 272.460
2000 330.125
1999 348.358
1998 328.136
1997 298.796
1996 288.393
1995 309.085
1994 344.744
1993 340.184
1992 247.777
1991 233.503
1990 280.610
1989 184.125
1988 298.579
1987 305.295
1986 269.490
1985 247.042

Previous models:
1998-2012 (2006 facelift pictured)
Related model: Mazda B-Series.

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Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC


  1. What changed from 1985 – 2003 in the Ford Ranger for sales to decline to the point of the Ranger to be discontinued in 2011?
    One issue was they got bigger during this period and the 2019 is supposedly even bigger – so what will sales be for 2019? I have a great 2001 waiting to see if the 2019 is the same size or smaller, if so, I will buy a 2019, if larger, I will keep my 2001.

  2. This ranger has way more power and towing capacity than any ranger of the past not to mention very high tech this is by far the best ranger ever and will out sell the competition

  3. I ordered a Ford Ranger from the factory and it took 4 months to get it delivered. I have had the truck for about a month with 1 thousand miles on it. The more I drive it the more I hate it. Tonight I just ripped the roof mount antenna off the roof and the wires are cut. What moron would design a truck that is so high and the back of the truck so jacked up that you can’t reach into the bed and then mount the antenna on the roof so it can get ripped off by a garage door or any low object. There is only two inches to spare on a standard garage door. Now the headliner will have to be removed to fix the wiring. I wonder how many times that will happen. The motor produces good low in torque so there is power but the 10 speed transmission doesn’t really know what it is supposed to do up shifting or down shifting, it is slow to make up its mind and what is the problem with coasting? It feels like it is being held back. When you are at full throttle and then you back off the pedal it takes some time for the RPM to start to drop. No waste gate for the turbo? Really strange. The stop start feature does not work that well. When you want it to stop it doesn’t and when you want it to keep running it stops. It can be defeated but you have to press the button every time you start the truck. The technology package provides information just don’t wreck the truck while driving trying to find the information you are looking for. Also now the tiny tach resides on the left side of the cluster. As others have noted the actual fuel mileage is not as good as indicated by the instruments. It appears to be off by a mile or two more than what the mileage actually is. Interesting enough the interior doesn’t have as much room as the 2012 extended cab Colorado that I traded in. The stereo does not sound as good in the Ranger as it sounded in the Colorado. For the record I was not happy with the Colorado for its lack of power and the 4 speed automatic that never knew what gear it should be in for the weak engine. The Colorado was far easier to maneuver during in town situations more like driving a car. The Ranger is awkward to get into and out of. When you exit the truck you have to slide out of the seat which will ruin the bolster on the seat in the long run and getting into the truck with or without and step is equally awkward. The Ranger 2 wheel drive with a sticker of over $33,000.00 leaves a lot to be desired and if I knew then what I know now I would have looked for a better truck than this. I regret the purchase.Wait and see what the Dodge Dakota is like when it comes out.

  4. It looks like the Ranger is on track for its best sales year since 2006. Sure the sales numbers don’t sound that impressive when compared to Tacoma and Colorado, but we must remember Ford was selling mostly low to mid level Rangers back then.

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