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Daihatsu Sales Data & Trends for the U.S Automotive Market

Daihatsu was launched in the United States in 1988 with the third-generation Charade minicar in hatchback and sedan versions, followed by the Rocky SUV in 1989. Sales were slow, peaking at 15.500 units in 1989, and at the same time Toyota gained a controlling interest in the brand, which caused Daihatsu to pull out of the US market in 1992, despite winning the J.D. Power owner satisfaction survey that year.

What didn’t help the brand was that during this period fuel was cheap, reducing demand for small, fuel efficient cars. Daihatsu was the ninth Japanese brand to enter the US market and had very low brand recognition.

However, when Scion launched its second generation xB in the US in 2007, a Daihatsu-built model was again sold in the US.

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