Chevrolet_Prizm-US-car-sales-statisticsAnnual sales figures for the Chevrolet Prizm in the US.

The Geo Prizm was renamed Chevrolet Prizm in 1998 when the Geo brand was discontinued. General Motors had introduced the Geo (sub-)brand in 1989 for Japanese engineered small cars to be sold by Chevrolet dealers. Models include the Geo Spectrum, Geo Metro, Geo Tracker, Geo Storm, most of which were also sold as Chevrolet during their lifetime.
The Prizm was replaced by the Chevrolet Cobalt in 2004.
Related model: Toyota Corolla (eighth generation 1995-2000).

2004 5
2003 17
2002 14.297
2001 45.894
2000 52.116
1999 44.246
1998 49.552
1997 62.992
1996 79.288

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Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC