US car sales analysis 2022-Q1 – Minivans

Minivan sales in the US are down 28% in the first quarter of 2022, trailing the overall market which is down 16%. At just under 62,000 deliveries, minivans now account for 1.9% of the overall car market, down from 2.2% in Q1 of 2021.

If the Toyota Sienna claimed the top spot of the segment in 2021, this year starts with the Chrysler Pacifica back on top of the ranking. Both nameplates are able to gain share of the class despite losing nearly a quarter of their sales on last year. The Pacifica, whose sales include those of the fleet-only budget version Voyager, has a lead of 6,300 deliveries on the Sienna and a share of 42.7% of the class compared to 32.5% for its hybrid-only Japanese rival. The Honda Odyssey loses almost half of its sales at -44%, falling far behind the two class leaders at 18.2% share of the segment. Best performing nameplate is the Kia Carnival, up 59% to more than double its share of the class to 6.6%, but it’s still at less than half the deliveries of the Odyssey and its share is lower than its full-year 2021 share of 8.1%.

The Dodge Grand Caravan has reached the end of its life cycle with just 18 deliveries, more than a year after production ended.


US minivan sales 2022-Q1

Minivan segment 2022-Q1 2021-Q1 Change 2022 Share 2021 Share
1 Chrysler Pacifica 26.366 34.342 -23% 42,7% 40,3%
2 Toyota Sienna 20.061 26.578 -25% 32,5% 31,2%
3 Honda Odyssey 11.210 20.066 -44% 18,2% 23,5%
4 Kia Carnival/Sedona 4.051 2.550 59% 6,6% 3,0%
5 Dodge Grand Caravan 18 1.709 -99% 0,0% 2,0%
Segment total 61.706 85.245 -28%

Source: Manufacturers.