US car sales analysis 2021 first half – Midsized Pickups

Midsized pickups keep their share of the overall US car market stable in the first half of 2021, with a 29% growth rate. That means midsized pickup trucks still hold 4.2% of the total US car market. With 3.3 times lower volume than full-sized pickups, it remains a relatively small segment. The Toyota Tacoma remains untouched by recent new launches and even improves its share of the segment to 40% thanks to sales up 33%. Its nearest rival loses share, as the Ford Ranger is up 27% while the Chevrolet Colorado is down 6% and is knocked off the segment podium by the Jeep Gladiator. The Gladiator is up 40% making it the best performer in the top-5. Best performer in the class is the Honda Ridgeline, the only unibody midsized pickup truck with sales up 68%. The Ridgeline was in 5th place in Q1 but is pushed down to #6 by the Nissan Frontier which even outsold the Chevrolet Colorado in Q2, helped by the new generation. The Colorado’s sibling GMC Canyon moves with the segment average at +29% but remains a niche player at just over half the sales of its next rival.

Hyundai will launch its Tucson-based Santa Cruz unibody compact pickup this year, while Ford is launching the Bronco Sport based Maverick. The latter will have more of a traditional pickup design, while the Santa Cruz will feature styling more reminiscent of the Subaru Baja from the early 2000’s and of some of the South American compact and subcompact unibody pickups. Which of these two strategies for small trucks is going to be the most successful will become clear by the end of this year.

US midsized pickup sales 2021 – first half

Midsized Pickup segment 2021-H1 2020-H1 Change 2021 Share 2020 Share
1 Toyota Tacoma 139.296 104.699 33% 40,0% 38,8%
2 Ford Ranger 58.371 45.988 27% 16,7% 17,0%
3 Jeep Gladiator 48.784 34.827 40% 14,0% 12,9%
4 Chevrolet Colorado 38.859 41.273 -6% 11,1% 15,3%
5 Nissan Frontier 26.392 19.074 38% 7,6% 7,1%
6 Honda Ridgeline 24.370 14.505 68% 7,0% 5,4%
7 GMC Canyon 12.491 9.708 29% 3,6% 3,6%
Segment total 348.563 270.074 29%

Source: Manufacturers.