US car sales analysis 2021 first half Large Pickups

Sales of full sized pickup trucks in the US are up 11% in the first half of 2021, trailing the overall market due to supply shortages. With nearly 1.17 million sales in the first six months of the year, this is the third-largest class in the United States, after compact crossovers and midsized crossovers. Its share is shrinking to 14%, from 16.2% in the first half of 2020 and from 15.9% in all of 2020.Because of chip shortages which are plagueing Ford worse than other brands, traditional leader Ford F-Series is under serious threat from its two main domestic rivals as the top-3 was knocked upside down in Q2. The Chevrolet Silverado sold 500 copies more than the RAM Pickup in the second quarter, with the F-Series another 6,000 deliveries behind. Still, the F-Series is 49,000 ahead of the RAM for the year with the Silverado another 21,700 units behind, so it still has a buffer. However, supply constraints will continue to haunt the industry for at least the rest of this year, potentially causing big shifts among brands and models that are affected more or less. General Motors is the bigges large pickup truck manufacturer in the USA, as combined sales of the Silverado and the GMC Sierra add up to 429,700 for the half. The Sierra is up 30% year-on-year which is great news for GM’s bottom line as the GMC models demand higher transaction prices thanks to the Denali and AT4 versions at the top of the line-up. The Toyota Tundra is due for a major redesign for the first time since 2007 and is down 10%, but stays well ahead of the Nissan Titan. The Titan has always been the smallest player in the class and remains so at 1.5% share, even though it’s also the fastest growing at +46%.

US large pickup sales 2021 first half

Large Pickup segment 2021-H1 2020-H1 Change 2021 Share 2020 Share
1 Ford F-series 362.032 367.387 -1% 31,0% 35,0%
2 Ram Pickup 313.068 246.253 27% 26,8% 23,5%
3 Chevrolet Silverado 291.322 267.166 9% 25,0% 25,5%
4 GMC Sierra 138.412 106.833 30% 11,9% 10,2%
5 Toyota Tundra 43.865 48.880 -10% 3,8% 4,7%
6 Nissan Titan 17.776 12.196 46% 1,5% 1,2%
Segment total 1.166.475 1.048.715 11%

Source: Manufacturers.