US car sales analysis 2020 Q1-Q3 – Midsized Pickups

Sales of midsized pickups in the US are down 9% in the first three quarters of 2020, making it one of the best performing classes after subcompact crossovers and full-sized pickups, but beating compact crossovers. Midsized pickup sales were down 7% in the third quarter. Still, at 4.1% of the total US car market (up from 3.7% in 2019) and almost 4 times lower volume than full-sized pickups, it remains a relatively small segment. The Toyota Tacoma remains untouched by recent new launches and while it’s sales are down 13%, it still holds 38.1% share of the segment and it sells more than double the numbers of its nearest rival. The Ford Ranger manages to consolidate its new-found #2 spot from the Chevrolet Colorado thanks to sales up 32% on its introduction year (+8% in Q3). The Colorado loses 29% of its sales (-14% in Q3) as it is feeling the heat from the fresher Ford. The other newcomer to the segment, the Jeep Gladiator, gained 37% in Q3 but fell further behind the Chevy, after being very close to a top-3 position in the second quarter of the year. The Nissan Frontier is in the final year of its current generation before finally being replaced, although the new Frontier will still be based on the same platform. Its sales are down by more than half and in Q3 it was outsold by the Honda Ridgeline which sees surprisingly stable sales (+3% in Q3). The GMC Canyon remains the class underdog, even though it showed a slight recovery in the third quarter at -13%. It sales are still down 38% for the year.

US midsized pickup sales 2020 Q1-Q3

Midsized Pickup segment 2020 2019 Change Share
1 Toyota Tacoma 163.619 187.622 -13% 38,1%
2 Ford Ranger 74.338 56.512 32% 17,3%
3 Chevrolet Colorado 68.529 96.820 -29% 16,0%
4 Jeep Gladiator 56.990 23.374 144% 13,3%
5 Nissan Frontier 26.287 54.686 -52% 6,1%
6 Honda Ridgeline 23.112 23.633 -2% 5,4%
7 GMC Canyon 16.183 26.300 -38% 3,8%
Segment total 429.058 468.947 -9%

Source: Manufacturers.