US car sales analysis 2020-Q1 – Midsized Pickups

After six consecutive years of growth, the midsized pickup segment in the US is down 1% in the first quarter of 2020, as it still outperforms the overall market by a significant margin. Midsized pickups now account for 3.9% of all US car sales, up from 3.4% in 2019. The Toyota Tacoma remains untouched by recent new launches and while it’s sales are down 8%, it still holds 40% share of the segment and its nearest rival is down by more than a third. The Chevrolet Colorado loses almost 9 percentage points of share and barely outsells the newcomer Ford Ranger. Obviously the Ranger steals most customers away from the Colorado, which was relaunched in the US in 2015 but has been around in international markets since 2012. The Jeep Gladiator found just over 15,000 buyers in the first quarter, giving it an 11.4% share of the segment. Its premium pricing appears well accepted thanks to its strong brand name and relation to the Wrangler. The Nissan Frontier had held up sales surprisingly well thanks to bargain basement pricing, but with the next generation arriving next year, sales are tanking quickly now as the Frontier sells just half of the volume of last year. Fitting the new engine in the old model for its last model year won’t make much of a difference for sales, as the styling and interior still date back to 2005. Still, the Frontier manages to outsell the unibody Honda Ridgeline, up 17% this year without any major updates, and the GMC Canyon. The Canyon is down 36% just like its Chevrolet sibling, and is the segment’s slowest seller at just 3.3% share.

US midsized pickup sales 2020-Q1

Midsized Pickup segment 2020 2019 Change Share
1 Toyota Tacoma 53.636 58.183 -8% 40,0%
2 Chevrolet Colorado 21.430 33.494 -36% 16,0%
3 Ford Ranger 20.980 9.421 123% 15,6%
4 Jeep Gladiator 15.259 113 +++ 11,4%
5 Nissan Frontier 10.280 20.221 -49% 7,7%
6 Honda Ridgeline 8.125 6.952 17% 6,1%
7 GMC Canyon 4.483 6.954 -36% 3,3%
Segment total 134.193 135.338 -1%

Source: Manufacturers.