US car sales analysis 2020 – Minivans

Minivan sales in the US are down by a third in 2020, despite this being a year in which four of the five players in the segment are being renewed, replaced or updated. But the biggest seller of recent years has been taken out of production, which accounts for over 60% of the segment decline. Minivans now accounts for just 1.9% of the overall car market, down from 2.4% last year. With 272,000 sales, this is by far the slowest year for minivans since 1986, when there was just a single model sold under two nameplates: the Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan.

Production of the old timer Dodge Grand Caravan has ended in August, and the model sold just 2,600 units in the last quarter, indicating stocks are drying up and sales in 2021 will slow to a trickle. Its stablemate Chrysler Pacifica has taken over segment leadership, also helped by the low-budget version Chrysler Voyager. The couple of two nameplates for the same vehicle takes the title of best performing minivan of 2020, with sales down just 4% on 2019 (+7% in Q4). That leaves the Honda Odyssey stuck in 2nd place with sales down 16% (-5% in Q4), while the Toyota Sienna is down 42% for the year. The Sienna’s updated model helps it recover slightly in Q4) when sales were down 8%, but still far off the Odyssey. The Kia Sedona holds on to the red lantern of the segment, with sales averaging just over 1,000 per month.

US minivan sales 2020

Minivan segment 2020 2019 Change Share Share
1 Chrysler Pacifica 93.802 97.705 -4% 34,5% 23,9%
2 Honda Odyssey 83.409 99.113 -16% 30,7% 24,2%
3 Toyota Sienna 42.885 73.585 -42% 15,8% 18,0%
4 Dodge Grand Caravan 38.767 122.648 -68% 14,2% 30,0%
5 Kia Sedona 13.190 15.931 -17% 4,8% 3,9%
Segment total 272.053 408.982 -33%

Source: Manufacturers.