US car sales analysis 2020 – Midsized Pickups

Just a 5% decline for midsized pickups in the US in 2020 makes this one of the best performing classes after subcompact crossovers and large sports cars, but beating full-sized pickups. Midsized pickup sales were up 5% in the last quarter. Still, at 4.2% of the total US car market (up from 3.7% in 2019) and almost 4 times lower volume than full-sized pickups, it remains a relatively small segment. The Toyota Tacoma remains untouched by recent new launches and while it’s sales are down 4% from its record year, it still holds 39.3% share of the segment and it sells more than double the numbers of its nearest rival. The Tacoma set a new monthly sales record in December at nearly 29,000 deliveries, which is more than any other rival sold in the entire fourth quarter. The Ford Ranger passes the 100,000 sales marker in its first full year of sales and jumps into the #2 spot previously held by the Chevrolet Colorado. The Colorado is down 21% this year and drops below 100k for the first time since 2015. The Jeep Gladiator moves into fourth place in its first full year of sales, with over 77,500 deliveries, while the Nissan Frontier is down by almost half as this was the last year of the current generation. A new Frontier will finally arrive at dealers in 2021. The Honda Ridgeline is unharmed by any new arrivals to the class as its sales are down just 3%, allowing it to distance the GMC Canyon, down 23%. The Canyon was up 38% in the fourth quarter, indicating it may bounce back in 2021.

US midsized pickup sales 2020

Midsized Pickup segment 2020 2019 Change Share Share
1 Toyota Tacoma 238.806 248.801 -4% 39,3% 38,9%
2 Ford Ranger 101.486 89.571 13% 16,7% 14,0%
3 Chevrolet Colorado 96.238 122.304 -21% 15,8% 19,1%
4 Jeep Gladiator 77.542 40.037 94% 12,7% 6,3%
5 Nissan Frontier 36.845 72.369 -49% 6,1% 11,3%
6 Honda Ridgeline 32.168 33.334 -3% 5,3% 5,2%
7 GMC Canyon 25.190 32.825 -23% 4,1% 5,1%
Segment total 608.275 639.241 -5%

Source: Manufacturers.