US car sales analysis 2020 first half – Minivans

In a year when four of the five players in the segment are being renewed, replaced or updated, sales of minivans decline by 42% in the first six months. Minivans now accounts for just 2% of the overall car market, down from 2.6% last year.

We also have a new class leader with the Honda Odyssey taking over from the Dodge Caravan thanks to sales down just 24% as the Odyssey is the only model not being thoroughly updated this year. The Chrysler Pacifica holds it #2 spot with sales down 27%. It will receive a facelift this year and will get an additional low-spec version to replace the Dodge Caravan. That low-cost model of the Pacifica will be marketed as a standalone model named Chrysler Voyager. Production of the Caravan has ended in May and sales for the first six months are down 58%. The Toyota Sienna is faced with a similar drop in sales, and it too will be renewed this year. The same can be said of the Kia Sedona, but so far this is the best performing model in the segment with sales down just 10%. Still, its share of the class is up from 3.6% to 5.6% and its remains the smallest player by a large margin.

US minivan sales 2020 – first half

Minivan segment 2020 2019 Change Share
1 Honda Odyssey 35.917 47.500 -24% 28,5%
2 Chrysler Pacifica 35.594 48.527 -27% 28,3%
3 Dodge Grand Caravan 30.222 71.947 -58% 24,0%
4 Toyota Sienna 17.208 41.083 -58% 13,7%
5 Kia Sedona 7.014 7.778 -10% 5,6%
Segment total 125.955 216.835 -42%

Source: Manufacturers.