US car sales analysis 2019 – Subcompact cars

The subcompact car segment in the United States saw a decline of 6% in sales in 2019, as it now holds just 2% of the overall car market and 7.3% of the overall market for sedans. The class leader Kia Soul consolidates its position as it moves with the segment at -6% while its closest rival Nissan Versa is down by double that at -12% as it’s preparing for a new model generation. The Ford Fiesta, in its last full year on the North American market, shows a 16% gain as dealers are discounting to move them off their lots.

The Honda Fit is stable for the year, but it had a slow period from September 2018 to February 2019 and as a result the Fit was down in the first two quarters of 2019 but regained those lost sales in the last two quarters. A new generation Fit has already been revealed in Japan, but there’s been no confirmation yet on whether this one will make its Stateside. The Hyundai Accent lost 12% of its sales on what was already its lowest sales since its launch in 1995 as a replacement to the Excel. That allows its sibling Kia Rio to close in for 6th place thanks to a 9% gain, which means the Rio also leapfrogs the Toyota Yaris, regardless of whether we combine sales of the Yaris sedan and hatchback or not. The Yaris sedan is down 21% and the renewed hatchback is up 12%. The Chevrolet Sonic loses nearly a third of its sales and has its slowest sales year since it was launched in 2011.

US subcompact car sales 2019

Subcompact segment 2019 2018 Change
1 Kia Soul 98.033 104.709 -6%
2 Nissan Versa 66.596 75.809 -12%
3 Ford Fiesta 60.148 51.730 16%
4 Honda Fit 35.414 35.300 0%
5 Hyundai Accent 25.628 29.090 -12%
6 Kia Rio 24.961 22.975 9%
7 Toyota Yaris sedan 19.735 25.115 -21%
8 Chevrolet Sonic 13.971 20.613 -32%
9 Toyota Yaris hatchback 2.181 1.940 12%
Segment total 346.667 367.281 -6%

Source: Manufacturers.