US car sales analysis 2019 – Minivans

After a slight improvement in deliveries in 2018, the minivan segment in the US declines by 15% in 2019 and barely stays above 400,000 sales, making this the second-worst ever year for minivans, after the 386,800 in 2009. Just 2.4% of all vehicle sales in the United States are minivans, down from 2.8% in 2018 and 3.1% in 2016. All models in this segment lose sales in 2019, and only one does so by single digits: the Honda Odyssey’s 7% loss, which allows it to gain 2.1 percentage points of share and leapfrog the Chrysler Pacifica for the #2 spot. However, both these models dip below the 100,000 sales mark, for the Odyssey this happens for the first time since 1999 and the Pacifica hasn’t been below that threshold since its first full year of sales 2017. This means the Dodge Grand Caravan is the only minivan to sell over 100k in 2019. Despite its 19% drop in sales, still 3 in every 10 minivans sold are a Caravan, as the model remains popular among fleet buyers. The Toyota Sienna is down 16% and stays in fourth place, as Toyota would rather lose sales than discount the Sienna, a strategy that has worked for Honda with the Odyssey as well. Still, this is the lowest annual sales figure for the Sienna since its launch in 1997. The Kia Sedona actually manages to improve its share of the segment to 3.9% but is down to less than 16,000 sales, just over a third of this generation’s peak year 2016. Production of America’s long-running best selling minivan is scheduled to end May 2020, and Chrysler is launching a low-budget version of the Pacifica to replace the Caravan. This model will be called the Chrysler Voyager in remembrance of the Plymouth Voyager which was sold from 1984 till 2000.

Minivan segment 2019 2018 Change
1 Dodge Grand Caravan 122.648 151.927 -19%
2 Honda Odyssey 99.113 106.327 -7%
3 Chrysler Pacifica 97.705 118.322 -17%
4 Toyota Sienna 73.585 87.672 -16%
5 Kia Sedona 15.931 17.928 -11%
6 Chrysler Town & Country 5 6 -17%
Segment total 408.987 482.182 -15%

Source: Manufacturers.