US car sales analysis 2019 – Limousines

The limousine segment in the US has shrunk 14% in 2019 to less than 50,000 sales, still slightly more than the segment size in Europe and about 0.3% of the overall US car market. The traditional leader Mercedes-Benz S-Class remains ultra dominant, although its advantage over its nearest rival has been reduced because of its 16% decline vs. a 7% gain for the BMW 7-Series. Keep in mind that the figures of the S-Class also include sales of the Coupe and Convertible versions, so it’s hard to make an apples-to-apples comparison, but still its lead is large enough to expect the S-Class to lead in pure sedan sales. The 7-Series appears not too disturbed by the arrival of the X7 large luxury SUV, and had a significant update in 2019 which allowed it push its enormous BMW-kidney-grille past the Cadillac CT6 and Lexus LS for 2nd place. The LS is the biggest loser in the class, down 41% to its third-lowest annual sales ever, after the low of 2017 before the current generation was launched, and just 14 sales above 2016. That allows the Porsche Panamera to move into fourth place despite its 18% loss. Big winner in the class is the Audi A8 with an 85% gain thanks to the new generation, but sales didn’t really pick up until the fourth quarter which accounted for 42% of the A8’s annual sales. This is still the large Audi’s second slowest year since 2011. The Genesis G90 is stable in 2019 after last year’s 50% drop, helped by a significant update, while its sibling model Kia K900 gains 10% on its slowest year ever, and thus remains a niche player even in this niche segment. The Jaguar XJ is down 26% as it is due for a redesign which will turn it into an EV-only model. The Porsche Taycan just beat it to become the first such model in this class, with its first 130 deliveries in December.

US limousine sales 2019

Limousine segment 2019 2018 Change
1 Mercedes-Benz S-class 12.528 14.978 -16%
2 BMW 7-series 8.823 8.271 7%
3 Cadillac CT6 7.951 9.668 -18%
4 Porsche Panamera 6.625 8.042 -18%
5 Lexus LS 5.528 9.301 -41%
6 Audi A8 / S8 2.963 1.599 85%
7 Genesis G90 2.238 2.240 0%
8 Jaguar XJ 1.167 1.579 -26%
9 Kia K900 390 354 10%
10 Porsche Taycan 130 0 New
Segment total 48.343 56.032 -14%

Source: Manufacturers.