US car sales analysis 2019 Large Pickups

The US can’t get enough from their large pickup trucks. Sales of these vehicles increased another 3% in 2019 to set a new annual sales record for large pickup trucks after 10 consecutive years of growth, which more than doubled the annual sales to nearly 2.5 million trucks. And average transaction prices in this segment have never been as high as now, with the top-of-the-line trucks fetching over $70k, which is great news for the Detroit Three automakers who dominate this segment and are raking in fat profits from it. Traditional leader Ford F-Series is down 1% to below 900,000 sales, but still holds a 36.1% share of the segment by itself. A historic feat has happened behind the F-Series, though. For the first time in history, the RAM pickup manages to outsell the eternal #2 Chevrolet Silverado thanks to an 18% gain to a new annual sales record for the RAM, breaking the 600,000 annual sales barrier for the first time after breaking 500,000 just two years ago. Both the RAM and the Silverado have been redesigned for the 2019 Model Years, but obviously the former has been received better, thanks to its luxury interior with one of the best infotainment systems and the Chevy’s not so well-received exterior design. The Silverado is down 2% while its twin GMC Sierra is up 6% to set a new annual sales record for the nameplate, which at the same time allows General Motors to improve its overall sales volume in the segment, even though its share drops 0.7 percentage points to 32.6%. The Toyota Tundra loses 6% but scores an 8th consecutive year above 100,000 sales while its fellow Japanese brand Nissan has never been above that level, and instead sees sales of its Tital plummet by 38% to just 31,500 sales, a mere 1.3% of the segment, even though the second generation Titan is only a few years old.

US large pickup sales 2019

Large Pickup segment 2019 2018 Change
1 Ford F-series 896.526 909.330 -1%
2 Ram Pickup 633.694 536.980 18%
3 Chevrolet Silverado 575.603 585.581 -2%
4 GMC Sierra 232.323 219.554 6%
5 Toyota Tundra 111.673 118.258 -6%
6 Nissan Titan 31.514 50.459 -38%
Segment total 2.481.333 2.420.162 3%

Source: Manufacturers.

  1. Remarkable that one of the most popular segments has so few players. On the other side, de Titan shows that more variation may not be very well received…

    1. VW had a concept car in 2018 with the name “Tanoak”. Maybe it will be reality in the near future and the group will count more members.

      1. Hi Easy Driver, while the Tanoak Concept was quite large for European standards, it would be classified as a midsized pickup truck in the US as it’s about the same size as a Toyota Tacoma and quite a bit smaller than these large pickups.
        I honestly think VW would have zero chance of breaking through in this segment, considering how tough it is for Nissan to crack and that the typical large pickup truck buyer is just about the polar opposite of a US Volkswagen buyer. In the midsized pickup segment they might have a shot at competing with the Honda Ridgeline.

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