US car sales analysis 2018 Q2 – Premium Mid-sized SUV segment

Segment growth accelerates, led by new Volvo XC60 and refreshed Mercedes-Benz GLC

US premium mid-sized SUV

Sales in the US Premium Mid-sized SUV segment rose by 20.8% to 254,723 in the first half of 2018, thanks to growth of almost 25% in the second quarter. In doing so it has officially become the largest Premium SUV segment, overtaking the Premium Large SUV segment. With most of the cars in the segment having made their debut or been refreshed in the past two years, this may actually be the youngest segment – so much so that the segment-leading Mercedes-Benz GLC and Cadillac XT5 are starting to look (relatively) long in the tooth.


  • Mercedes-Benz GLC continued its remarkable growth, seeing sales rise by 75% in the second quarter, and maintaining a healthy lead over Cadillac XT5
  • Compared to the rest of the segment, the models ranked 2nd through 4th had rather unremarkable single-digit growth in the second quarter, although this was still enough for the new Audi Q5 to overtake Lexus NX for third in the rankings
  • The new Acura RDX and BMW X3 went on sale in the second quarter, with the RDX outselling the Q5 and NX, and the X3 coming close
  • Much like the GLC Volvo’s new XC60 continued to rise, with sales up by over 60% once again in the second quarter, cementing the new model’s position as the “best of the rest” after the Top 6

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