US car sales analysis 2018 Q1 – Large Pickup segment

Sales fall slightly as Chevy Silverado, Ram Pickup and GMC Sierra all transition to new generation models

US Large PickupSales in the US Large Pickup segment fell by 0.6% to 534,210 in the first quarter of 2018, a slowdown from the 5.7% sales growth in 2017. However, with the new RAM Pickup and Chevrolet Silverado now on the market, and the new GMC Sierra following shortly, may yet turn out to be a record year for the segment, finally topping the 2,450,000 high mark it set back in 2005.

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  • Ford F-series and Chevrolet Silverado both grew slowly at the front of the segment, with the Ford retaining a clear advantage over its closest rival
  • The performance of the outgoing Silverado was really good when viewed next to that of the outgoing RAM Pickup and GMC Sierra, both of which lost sales at the rate of low double-digits
  • After seeing its sales grow almost two-and-a-half-fold in 2017 from a low base, the sales growth of Nissan Titan slowed down to a less-impressive 13%, the same rate managed by the aging Toyota Tundra

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