Alfa Romeo Giulia Competizione Sales Data & Trends for the US Automotive Market

The Alfa Romeo Giulia’s is a sharp-handling sports sedan with Italian heritage and beautiful good looks. A 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder making 280 horsepower means acceleration and sounds are both spirited and fun and more than enough for American roads. The eight-speed automatic is standard and is decent. The handling and performance is the best in class and the Giulia’s high-performance Quadrifoglio variant is still our favorite sports four door car at the moment.

Monthly and annual sales figures for the Alfa Romeo Giulia in the US. See how Alfa Romeo Giulia sales compare to the other models in the US premium mid-sized car segment. Also find Alfa Romeo Giulia sales in Europe. Below we have the sales figures for the Alfa Romeo Giulia in the U.S automotive market. This data comes from the manufacturer directly. View the data tables of the total number of new Alfa Romeo Giulia vehicles sold in the U.S. in a given month and year.

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Vehicle Sales Data & Charts

Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo
January 70 948 531
February 412 853 646
March 484 1.284 858 1.759
April 634 1.123 746
May 883 1.175 797
June 992 979 768 1.692
July 1.104 858
August 916 957
September 7 916 756 2.030 2.192
October 0 726 801
November 0 756 912
December 29 1.011 873 2.328 2.560

Alfa Romeo
2020 8.203
2019 8.704
2018 11.519
2017 8.904
2016 36

Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC

Please note: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles stopped reporting monthly US sales figures in Q3 of 2019 and switched to reporting its US sales quarterly. From Q3 of 2019 onwards you will find Q1 data in the March data field, Q2 data in June, Q3 data in September and Q4 data in December.

Giulia Quadrifoglio Video

Here’s a cool review of the US-spec Giulia Quadrifoglio, and why Doug DeMuro thinks it’s worth every penny of its $80,000 price (starting price: $72,000):

And here’s a track review by MotorTrend of the Giulia Quadrifoglio against its three main rivals in the sport sedan segment, which already has almost 1 million views: