Alfa Romeo 164 Sales Data & Trends for the European Automotive Market

Annual sales figures for the 1990-1995 Alfa Romeo 164 in the US.

The 164 replaced the Alfa Romeo Milano in 1990. It shared its platform with the Saab 9000 (and the Fiat Croma and Lancia Thema, which were not sold in the United States) and was the last model by Alfa Romeo as an independent company, before being taken over by Fiat.

The 164 was also the last Alfa Romeo to be sold in the US before the brand’s withdrawal from the market in 1995, two years after Fiat did the same. I would be absent for more than 10 years before returning with the limited-edition 8C super car and another 8 years before the 4C sports car.

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Alfa Romeo
1996 0
1995 414
1994 357
1993 713
1992 1.721
1991 2.155
1990 1.549
1989 0

Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC