Acura NSX Sales Data & Trends for the U.S Automotive Market

After a 7-year hiatus, the long-awaited second generation Acura NSX was introduced in 2015.  It didn’t take long to see some updates either. The 2019 Acura NSX received the model’s first refresh, with the mid-engine hybrid AWD supercar benefiting from some chassis tweaks, aesthetic enhancements and introduction of more standard equipment. The NSX retains the 573-horsepower, twin-turbocharged V6 with 3 electric motors and 9-speed DCT used in previous years.

Below we have the sales figures for the Acura NSX in the U.S automotive market. This data comes from the manufacturer directly. View the data tables of the total number of new Acura NSX vehicles sold in the U.S. in a given month and year. This Acura NSX sales data is a great way analyze the success of the model in the U.S market compared to its peers and competitors. Monthly and annual sales figures for the Acura NSX in the US and see how Acura NSX sales compare to the other models in the US Sports Car Large segment. Also find Honda NSX sales figures in Europe.

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Vehicle Sales Data & Charts

January 50 34 31 9 6
February 46 17 22 9 4
March 37 16 26 16
April 91 5 23 5
May 23 15 30 6
June 2 31 6 19 10
July 21 30 3 10 15
August 22 21 15 25 3
September 38 26 11 16 10
October 67 87 18 15 22
November 51 83 13 11 9
December 68 56 17 10 14

2020 128
2019 238
2018 170
2017 581
2016 269
2007 2
2006 58
2005 206
2004 178
2003 221
2002 233
2001 182
2000 221
1999 238
1998 303
1997 415
1996 460
1995 884
1994 533
1993 652
1992 1.154
1991 1.940
1990 1.119

Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC

  1. Honda/Acura really thought the NSX would be their way back on top, but too bad they didn’t learn the first time and they are in no way going to ever rise again. No Body will pay that kind of price for a Japanese. no body cares about the technology because by the time you are reading this comment, some thing better and faster has come out already..

    PS. I owned both NA1 and NA2 NSX’s so i am not a hater, just being real.

    1. The only thing you say that I agree with is that Japanese performance cars do not garner the same respect as their European counterparts. You say you have owned an NA1 and an NA2, so you feel that makes you an authority on the NC1. Do you own an NC1? Apparently not, because if you did you, you would not be as critical. It is my belief that many of the individuals who dis the NC1, have never driven one let alone owned one. I’ve owned an NA1, and I currently own an NA2 and an NC1, and based on over 12,000 miles of driving my NC1 under all kinds of road and weather conditions, including six track days, I can vouch with authority that the NC1 is one of the best supper cars made to date. But don’t take my word for it, Road & Track named the 2017 NSX their performance car of the year, and the competition included all of the well-known and established performance cars of that year, including; GT-R Nismo, Porsche 911 Turbo S, Jaguar F-type SVR, BMW M4 GTS, AMG C63 S, Lotus Evora 400, Corvette Grand Sport, and the Audi R8 V10 Plus. It has always intrigued me why people are so negative on certain issues. Maybe, to perhaps better themselves?

    2. I am an owner of a 2019. The exterior design blows away anything out there including the Lambo’s. The performance is up there with all the other super cars.
      The pricing is a bit lower than the other super cars. Once again this generation is the pioneer of future super cars. I believe this is a collector

  2. You are absolutely right.
    I owned 1994 NSX . VTEC , alum body, wishbone suspension, F16 cockpit..etc and and lower price than Ferrari at that time makes the car WOW!
    Today the same amount of money for Gen 2, I can have other choices with better brand name too.
    Acura should sell Gen 2 NSX at much lower price., otherwise, it will die much faster than Gen 1!!!

    1. You are correct when you say that the high price that the Gen 2 NSX was selling for when introduced did not make it desirable compared to its competition. However, this problem was not really Acura’s. The problem was created by greedy dealerships and speculators. Most of the Gen 2 NSX’s that arrived in showrooms throughout the US from 2016 to 2018 were fully loaded models, that included ceramic brakes and external and internal carbon parts options, resulting pricing of over $200,000. As a result, sales were far less than what Acura had hoped for. However, if you could find a Gen 2 NSX without these options, particularly the carbon fiber ones, the MSRP would be around $157,800. Now, that is still a lot of money and thousands of dollars greater than most the Road & Track listed completion, but on the other hand the Gen 2 NSX is thousands of dollars lower that the exotics of the world, i.e., the Lamborghini Huracan and Adventador, the McLaren 570S and the Ferrari 488 Pista, which the Gen 2 NSX nearly equals, equals and in some instances outperforms. So, when you compare the Gen 2 NSX with the big boys, it holds its own very well. Unfortunately, as stated above, if you put a Gen 2 NSX, a Ferrari and a Lamborghini in front of ten people, most of them would pick the stallion or the bull, except perhaps an engineer or a former/current NSX owner!

  3. NSX should be marketed by personal invitation to all new Lamborghini and Ferrari owners to test drive for 10 minutes. The response would be remarkable because the experience is both exciting and user friendly.

  4. If they were as great as you all say, they would sell more than 10-20 a month. For that price point, they are not good. That’s the point. Mclaren money for a Honda, the world has said – no thanks. Price them at corvette money and yes they would sell more. But then you have an almost super car (corvette) for the same money and it won’t sell all that well again. Once the few techie honda fans buy them, no one wants a $180k supercar that looks like every other super car, performs just mid-low pack and doesn’t sound good. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Honda missed big time on this one. They had the chance to make a killer car, and they just made an average supercar in a world of same $ hypercars. They were simply too slow to evolve and develop in a fast changing world. That car would have been cool if it came out when Honda promised it a decade ago. They were so fixated on trying to make everything perfect, the world kept moving forward and better cars were introduced and they did nothing. I’ve owned and driven almost every type of car in the world. The NSX doesn’t inspire. It might go fast, but if it doesn’t inspire, it doesn’t sell. Plain and simple. If you think the Ferrari crowd is going to drive a Honda and love it, well then sir, it is quite obvious that you have never driven a Ferrari, or any real performance car for that matter.

    1. Well thought out and presented opinion–but variety is the spice of life and the wonderful variety of cars available in our marvelous free market allows everyone a chance to pick what is right for them. I owned a 1991 NSX and absolutely loved it! Light, nimble and confidence inspiring. Not blindingly fast, but so quick it made up for lack of sheer HP. Being a Honda, it was also reliable and pretty easy and affordable to maintain. Step forward to 2017 and I bought a 2nd Gen NSX. It does in fact inspire me, for the same reasons as the original and a whole lot more! In addition to head-turning looks, it is at least as nimble as its predecessor and is really, really fast! The handling is outstanding aided by the AWD and will do drag race starts with no fanfare. It is also easy to drive with a smooth-shifting 9 speed AT. Point it and GO. The interior is gorgeous, comfortable and headroom is improved over the older model. Maintenance is more of an issue with this car compared to the old one. This is a complex piece of machinery and even the Acura dealer will only allow specially-trained mechanics to touch it. I don’t care! I love this car!

  5. I have a 91 , it’s a fantastic car with 200k miles and no sign of letting up. A few simple appearance modifications have given it the kind attention that new supercar gets. We can thank Ferrari’s design house “Pininfarina” for coming up with the concept of the car. For the new NSX we can thank some chick who’s husband gave her the project (he also works at Honda). And she’s American , has nothing to do with Japan. Probably doesn’t even know there was a previous NSX that she was supposed to use a starting point. The moment I saw the car unveiled and listened to the specs and price …. immediately I felt sad for Honda knowing this was so far off the mark it’s gonna be a sales disaster. It’s the politically correct sensible supercar with an offensive price tag. People want broken rules , shock value and excess from a supercar. It’s taken 6 years combined to sell as many of them as the NA1 sold in it’s 1st year. The C8 Z06 will likely cost less and be better in every way.

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