Top 5: Concept cars in Geneva

#5 (joint): Nissan Sway


Why is it here? Because it promises a genuinely dynamic-looking Nissan Micra to rival the Fiesta and Mazda2, because even when diluted for production it should still look better than most other cars in the class, and because it should help us forget the awful current-generation Micra.


#5 (joint): Aston Martin DBX

DBX Concept_01

Why is it here? Because it’s a genuinely good-looking crossover coupe, because it shows that Aston Martin is listening and won’t force-feed us something hideous like the Lagonda SUV concept from a few years back, and because it’s developed by a an independent company that’s been chugging out clones of the same car for the past 10 years.


#4: Quant F

Why is it here? Because it has 400 more electric horsepower than the mighty Tesla 85D, because it’s powered by “seawater”, and because its layout, along with the gullwing doors, is like that of one of my favorite concepts of all time – the Lamborghini Marzal


#3: Kia Sportspace concept


Why is it here? Because it’s one of the sleekest estate concepts ever (easily outshining Audi’s Prologue Avant concept), because it heralds another generation of great-looking Kias, and because it suggests Kia might get serious about the European market with a wagon body style.


#2: Infiniti QX30 concept

Why is it here? Because it looks stunning, pure and simple, because it shows Infiniti’s design language at its best (it’s also probably the only Infiniti car that makes sense of the “crescent” C-pillar treatment), and because it shows Infiniti is finally about to chase some growing and open niches, rather than segments where the Audi/BMW/MB triumvirate is well entrenched.


#1: Bentley EXP10 Speed 6

EXP 10 Speed 6-8

Why is it here? Because it’s so stunningly gorgeous that it made me write a separate post just for it, even though I promised myself I would only do these “Top 5” articles for Geneva, because it promises Bentley’s return to the market for genuine sports cars, and because it should drive amazing in production form given it’ll be based on Porsche’s large RWD platform.


Dishonorable mention #1: Lexus LF-SA

Lexus-LF-SA-Concept-1Why is it here? Because Lexus is sticking its fingers in the notoriously-hard small car market that’s hard to crack for even the established players (first two generations of the A-class, Audi A2, Smart), because it looks like a drawing of a 10-year-old kid, and because the grille looks like the Predator’s face… good luck unseeing that!


Dishonorable mention #2: VW Sport Coupe Concept GTE

Why is it here? Because the front looks like a dog’s dinner wearing some sort of S&M wire mask (sorry, really not a fan), because while the current VW CC is a unique and dynamic looking car, the concept from the side looks like a copy of the Audi A7, and because the name is not only a handful but also rams the point how that this car is not a coupe!