Photo gallery of the new Alpine sports car by Renault – video on our Facebook page

Alpine-sports_car-2016Today is the official launch of the Alpine sports car brand and its first (concept) model, which will hit European showrooms in the second quarter of 2017. We’ve just uploaded a video of the car on our Facebook wall.

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Full photo gallery below.




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  1. What are your thoughts on the model ?
    Future success ? Failure ?

    IMO, it’s a great looking car, the design may be a little too shy / not aggressive enough.
    Anyway this is a niche segment and it seems the ultimate objective is to build a real high end brand like DS with an incoming SUV before 2020.

  2. After falling out with Caterham I assumed this would be coming to market quickly – yet they are still showing concepts. Is it trying to take on Porsche, or be an MX-5 competitor?

  3. Love it. I especially like the fact that it isn’t screaming in your face on how SPORTY and AGRESSIVE it is. They kept it clean, and ( hopefully, ) they’ll let the numbers do the talking. If the MegRS is anything to go by, this could be amazing. And those seats… Droooool

    @Hugh, Low end Porsches, or even better, Alfas 4C. It’s rumoured to get a new turbo 4 with between 250 and 300hp.

  4. I think it will be over 4C, more power, more refinement, more equipment, the interior is awesome in perceived quality and design, near Caymans, and over japanese sporty cars of less 60.000 €.

    But, I think this is a segment where the traditional sport brands, dominate with iron hand. The idea of sell the car as Alpine and not as Renault, is the first step to get a place. Alpine has its own heritage, and doesn’t remember to Renault.

    Anyway, the expected price is about 40-45000 €, maybe 50.000 €, so near Porsche, could be a problem. People can think that Alpine is so close in price, but the Porsche’s charisma is far away.

    The news I know about the car, are good news. Various versions, a new 1.8 developed by Renault Sport with power between 250 and 300 hp, weight between 1 ton and 1.1 ton, aluminum chasis, 0-100 acceleration under 4.5. Automatic EDC Gearbox. And all the experience from Renault Sports in the adjustment of sport cars.

    Alpine has been established as a new brand, a worldwide brand. Renault goes seriously with this. This car isn’t like the Alfa 4C, a car to make image and glamour to the new Alfa Romeo, helping to improve the perception of the brand. If Alfa doesn’t earn money with, 4C, is not a big problem. It’s mission is to make money with the new future Alfa Romeo range of cars. The Alpine must to have profits by itself. We will see if wins, or lose.

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