Should this be the next Bugatti? (with Poll)

I came across this amazing design by Alexander Imnadze and it got me thinking: shouldn’t Bugatti really be thinking about producing a real GT car rather than simply updating the Veyron into the Chiron? The problem with a brand like Bugatti that produces tiny number of cars is that, once you’ve all but saturated the market for hypercars with a model like they Veyron, can they really hope to sell as many Chirons?

Bugatti Type-6 GT Vision

If I was a Veyron owner I would feel somewhat slighted that Bugatti seems to be intent on toppling the Veyron, a car that is arguably still the top dog for outright speed and comfort in the class. So rather than top that, would it not be better for Bugatti to produce a different kind of car? Not worse or cheaper, mind you, simply different? A more comfortable offering, with more space and relaxed driving position than the Veyron seems like a perfect fit for the brand. More than that, a GT car would work great with a hybrid drivetrain, especially if it allowed a certain degree of electric driving at high speed. I understand Bugatti may be worried that consumer may not want to shell out more than 1 million euros on a car that is not built for all-out speed and trump card bragging rights, but the success of cars like the Bentley Continental GT or the Ferrari F12 suggest there are a lot of people who like the GT layout. Plus, Bugatti could easily twin a coupe with a four-door modern take on the Royale sedan, something they flirted with when they showed the 16C Galibier concept in 2009.

What kind of car do you think Bugatti should build next?

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But, that is all wishful thinking and I am sure Bugatti bosses did their homework on this. For now, let us marvel at the beautiful design from Alexander:

Bugatti Type-6 GT Vision 2

  1. I wonder how hard it would be ( because of all the mechanical constraints of having an insanely powerful engine ) to go all the way back to their roots and have Bugattis be coachbuilt. So instead of getting 300 Chirons divided into endless ” special edition ” paintjobs, you’d have a handfull of Chiron GTs, and a habdfull of Chiron supercars, a handfull of Royales… They could do the designing and building themselves or maybe even use Italdesign.

    Also, that drawing is absolutely beautiful.

    1. @Tuga – I don’t know the number but my guess is “too expensive”, given that even brands like Ferrari or McLaren ensure their halo models (which sell for > 1 million) all have runs of at least a few hundred. This suggests that, to design a modern body, chassis, drivetrain, electronic systems, crash test it etc. etc. must cost a fortune!

  2. @Krzysztof Wozniak Ferrari was the first brand that came to my mind when i thought of coachbuilding, with cars like the Sergio, F60 America or Berlinetta Lusso. all based on an existing car and made in small numbers. If Ferrari can do it, Bugatti should/could find a way to manage as well imo.

    1. @Tuga – Ferrari is in a pretty unique spot where it has the scale to produce great donor chassis (relatively) cheaply, which means that it can still sell unique short-run cars profitably at below 1 million euros. Or maybe they actually sell them at a loss, but feel the boost to their brand (and thus to everyday sales of the 1000s of 488s and F12s) is worth it. Sort of how VW justified making the Phaeton to sell more Passats and Golfs

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