Poll: Which of the German sports cars would you rather have?

There was a time when the choice of a german sports car was simple – you either got the Porsche 911 or, well, you looked elsewhere (probably Italy). The best Audi could offer you was a fast Quattro model or, later, a super-Golf called the TT; BMW dabbled with the M1 and Z8, but those cars really just made you run faster for the competition; even mighty Mercedes hadn’t really offered anything tasty since the gull-wing 300SL. But oh, my, how the times have changed – now we (or at least those with big money) are spoilt for choice with these great four options. So, which one is your poison?

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  1. Since sophisticated is not what I’d be looking for in a sports car, the R8 won’t be my pick.
    The Porsche would make for a great daily driver, having become more user friendly since the new 991 generation. But that’s also taken the sharp edges off its character and besides that, I always love to root for the underdog, the challenger instead of the obvious choice.
    Between the AMG-GT and the i8 is a more difficult decision. The AMG-GT is indeed a bruiser, and the sound of that AMG V8 runs chills down my spine every single time. I can’t wait to drive that thing someday and use it the way it’s intended to be. With the windows down of course.
    But the i8 is just such a cool and futuristic design…. I’ve seen it on the road a couple of times and it just looks like it flew in from another planet. And the technology is equally impressive: with a 1,5 liter three-cylinder engine (aided by an electric motor), it only takes 0,4 seconds more from 0-100 km/h than the 4-liter V8 AMG.
    But then again, Top Gear has already proven that when pushed hard, the i8 isn’t all that fuel efficient anymore (no shit, Sherlock) and the trendy looks may wear off, while I’ll never-ever get tired of that V8-rumble from the AMG.
    So, you know what? I had already picked the i8, but I want to change it to the AMG-GT.

  2. I’ve picked the i8. I’m a huge BMW fan, I just couldn’t pick anything else. The truth is, there is nothing else to choose from.. Audi is boring, Porsche hasn’t changed since ages (visually, at least) and Mercedes.. nah, I don’t like these cars. BMW has created something new, something that the world hasn’t seen before. That’s why I’d rather have this one (let’s pretend that my love for BMW is not one of the reasons) over the others.

  3. None of the above, I am afraid. They all seem to me to be excessive, like a 900 g hamburger. I think I´d have more fun in an MX-5 than one of these machines. But if we went back 20 years, their equivalents all seemed more accessible and tuned to the conditions. Roads aren´t 50% faster than than they were in 1995. There cars are Sunseeker yachts on a duck pond. It often makes me laugh to think of the Irish buyers of Lamborghinis – what an absurd country to drive a Lambo in (I am Irish). It is difference only of degree not kind to drive one of these devices in most places outside the western part of Germany. Certain Frankfurt bankers who live in Cologne might get some use out of one of these. Or, if you lived near a race track, it would be occassionally nice to go for a burn in something like this….and yet, wouldn´t a Diahatsu Copen be even more of a hoot on Millbrook or the Burgerkingring?

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