Poll: What do you think of the Citroën Cactus M Concept?

Citroen Cactus M Concept

After weeks of speculation and fan-boy excitement Citroën finally showed off its Cactus M Concept. The car is meant as a modern take on the Mehari, an off-roader offshoot of the legendary 2CV and the reason why the new model is called the “M Concept”. But while the car sure looks cool and most of our readers are probably pretty excited about it, I doubt this car would sell even if PSA was planning to produce it – and they will probably think twice, nah, three times before they commit after the sales failure that were their most recent “out there” cars such as the Citroën Pluriel or the Peugeot 1007.

But, enough of what I think…

What do you think of Citroën's new concept?

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  1. I love it! Thank god there are still brands that think outside the box. The European roads are getting more boring every year, but Citroën chooses its own path.

  2. i love this car but neither seriously nor never could be the right word, i love cactus and I could buy this car sometime……i saw a lot of cactus(citroen not plant) in south of spain this summer

  3. It’s interesting that most of the poll responses seem to suggest people would consider buying this car, but I think there is a big gap between “considering” and “actually buying”. It’s kind of like that hot chick/dude who is fine for being seen with on pictures and at parties, but is a disaster on a daily basis…

    1. That’s also due to the poll. For me, the ‘hate ones’ can be crossed out immediately, because I don’t dislike the car. That goes for the first phrase as well. Maybe not next year, but I can see myself buying this car in 10-20 years as a hobby or something like that. So, the second phrase was the only option for me.

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