Poll: Should Lamborghini build the Urus?

With Lamborghini yet again releasing “non-news” that it still hasn’t decided on whether to build the Urus, I am starting to think whether they should bother at all, given how long it’s been taking them to make the decision. Personally, I think the more the merrier as long as the product is right, and the Urus certainly looks right (though I would prefer a more original front end). But what do you think?

Should Lamborghini build the Urus?

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  1. This would bring the company back to its roots, as Ferruccio Lamborghini was manufacturer of farm tractors before he started to build sports cars (because he wasn’t satisfied with Enzo’s offerings and quality of service).
    I can see it from a design perspective, especially looking at the one in the picture above; Lamborghini’s should have extreme and polarizing designs and should look like in motion even when standing still. I just hope they don’t give the final production version a higher roof line for practicality reasons or whichever, because that would ruin the design indefinitely.
    And I can see it from a financial perspective, especially considering the huge commercial success of the Porsche Cayenne, and VW Group is in the business of making money (although you wouldn’t say that when you consider Bugatti). But being owned by VW also means Lamborghini doesn’t necessarily need to earn a ton of money. The group already benefits from using its technology and engines in the R8 and S8 for example. And platform sharing creates economies of scale that a stand-alone Lamborghini would never achieve.
    I guess the biggest problem I have with a Lambo SUV is that it just doesn’t fit with the brand image and the customer somehow. I get a Bentley superluxury SUV, and I get a Porsche SUV, because Porsche has always been a somewhat “blue collar” sports car brand. But buyers of a Lamborghini buy them for their extreme design, extreme road handling, extreme performance and extreme exclusivity of the brand. Making a high(er) volume SUV would take away the exclusivity of owning a Lamborghini and the mysticism that surrounds the brand, even if it’s just as unattainable for a regular guy like me as a Huracan or Murcielago is.

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