Poll results: Citroën E-Mehari debuts, confuses…


The votes are in, and the verdict for the e-Mehari from our readers is a resounding “two thumbs down”!

Almost half of you think the e-Mehari has no chance of a broad success in the marketplace, and you are probably right. However, as our long-time readers Losange and Tuga pointed out, this model is likely to have very limited aspirations to begin with, as it is limited to its home market France and within its limited, 1.000 units per year remit, it may yet be “successful”.

In fact, the e-Mehari isn’t even allowed to sell more than three figures a year. In order to avoid having to meet certain safety standards and therefore keep development costs down, Citroën has decided to go for a small series homologation which limits its sales volume to 1.000 units annually per type of motorisation. The advantages are less strict rules for airbags and tyre pressure monitoring systems, among others.

At the very least it should be able beat its ugly stepsister, the Bolloré BlueSummer, on which it is based.

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